Toilet Bathroom Sink Plumber Hero Kit

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Package Quantity:1 Includes custom attachments for showers, Toilets, tubs and sinks! Opens drains instantly, just press and unclog the mess. 20 uses in every can. Easy to use, no other tools needed. Also works through garbage disposals. Safe to use for all septic systems and pipes including PVC plastic, copper and steel. WHY pay More Then 1000 of Rupees when you can do it yourself and it is as easy as 1,2,3 Fresh Orange scent. Included custom attachments for showers,toilets,tubs and sinks. Fresh orange scent Easy to use,no other tools needed. Now you can clear the drain yourself! 

Recommended Uses ::--- Standing water clogs. @@ Slow-running drains. @@ Tough hair clogs. @@ Dirty pipe walls. @@ maintain drains. @@ Remove odors. @@ Clean and deodorize your garhage disposal. @@

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